We love to cycle and our bike messengers have conquered the streets of Stockholm! Although, that is not enough for us. We also have our own bike club – Ryska Posten Racing Team.

Ryska Posten Racing Team started 2013 and they have achieved great success over the years. Today the team consists of 7 riders and their list of accomplishments can be made long. Some brilliant examples of these are gold in Cykelbudsmästerskapen for three consecutive years, gold in the national road race two years in a row, a win in the Prioritet Grand Prix in Gothenburg and gold in the Swedish Championships in the short run 2017.

Ryska Posten Racing Team is part of Ryska Posten and that is something we are extremely proud of. We have the unique opportunity to offer jobs as bike messengers to all of the riders in the team, which creates great conditions for development.