ANNO 1998


Rewind to 1998, we were a few driven individuals who wanted to make it easier for companies to deliver parcels in Stockholm. Even then, we had the say-yes-to-everything-approach and the term “Welcome to Ryska Posten, how can we help you?” was born…

It’s not that hard to go from a small, insignificant courier company to a thriving full-service company that helps its customers with everything from deliveries to recruitment, marketing activities, parties, breakfasts, craft jobs and events. You just have to be a little kind, humble and courteous (have customer focus as some would say). Without our humility for what each mission requires from us, we would never have come as far and grown as much as we have. Instead of kindly turning down our customer’s requests, we have instead been able to acquire the necessary skills and just made it happen.

“Can you help us find 20 boxes of this exclusive wine?”
“Can you make sure there is chilled Risifrutti in New York on Friday?”
“Can you take my child to kindergarten?”
“Can you find a replacement for our receptionist who is sick?”
“Can you fix an ice bar at our office party?”

We have always answered “yes, sure, absolutely no problem!”

This is how it has been, year after year. We have said yes, because it is more fun than saying no and because it’s how you grow. Gradually, we have developed new business areas, which is why we now offer competent and pleasant office staff and recruitment. That’s why we have a dedicated event department that throws the best parties and samplings. That’s why we deliver fruit, breakfasts and snacks to your office. That’s why we also have an all-arounder department that help you with craft jobs, such as putting up whiteboards.

In summary, we at Ryska Posten solve your problems and wishes. We have grown with your trust and over the years we have accumulated more skills, which is why we have gone from a small insignificant courier company to a flourishing full service company. Because we say yes and keep what we promise. So the question is, how can we help you?

Ryska Posten

From a local courier to a full service company

We can send ice sculptures to Zanzibar, agreements across the street, plan an awesome event tour, supply the entire office with fruit from all around the world, mount 50 plasma screens and find a substitute for your receptionist in less than an hour…

It may sound like we can do anything and in a way, we can. Since 1998, we have adapted our service after our customer’s needs. With that strategy, we have grown from being a local courier to a full service company that provides services worldwide. Based on our customer’s requests, we have continuously developed new business areas.

Ryska Posten Allt-i-Allo offers all types of craft jobs, either on a regular basis or specific matter, whether you need to assemble a desk or renovate the entire office.
Ryska Posten Bemanning will find your next star when you need help with anything from recruitment, ongoing and temporary staffing to express staffing and outsourcing.
Ryska Posten Skafferi provides food that makes you feel good – inside and out. Fruit, snacks and breakfasts are only a selection of the wide range of edibles.