We have always wanted to make a difference. Therefore, we actively work to find organizations where we together can strive towards a better society. We simply want to take responsibility and we want there to be a greater meaning with what we do.

Project Playground is a Swedish nonprofit organization whose vision is a safe world where every child grows up with a belief in the future and the possibility to influence their own life. Project Playground started with the purpose of creating a second home for children. They provide a forum for vulnerable children to engage in different activities as well as getting support and guidance. Our collaboration with Project Playground allows us to create a difference for vulnerable children and young people, together we create positive and long-term change.

We never hesitated a second to support Trygga Barnen whose vision, values ​​and commitment we share a 100%. Trygga Barnen is is an independent Swedish foundation with no political or religious affiliations without profit, whose purpose is to support children and young people who have close relatives with alcohol- and drug problems or mental illness. Their vision is that all children should receive the support and the security they are entitled to. Agneta Trygg and her daughter Olivia, as well as all other volunteers at Trygga Barnen, do a wonderful and untiring job in creating a safer and more meaningful world for future generations.

ABC Charity has created a series of photo art that represents each letter in the alphabet. The letters consist of at least 250 children and are photographed in selected places around the world, where the children form the shape of the letter. The organization is absolutely ideal and 100% of the revenue goes to charity. We have been a proud partner throughout the project and have sponsored the letter C that was taken in Trelleborg in May 2013 and the letter H, which was taken in Lofoten in April 2017.

Team Rynkeby – God Morgon is a Nordic charity project that fundraise money every year for Barncancerfonden by cycling to Paris. During Team Rynkeby 2015, we supported the fight against childhood cancer and sponsored the charity project and one of our former employees cycled all the way from Stockholm to Paris.

Every year, the fashion industry produces a lot of sample collections for showrooms, which are replaced every new season. Mode x Världens Barn is an initiative aimed at saving these clothes and selling them to raise money for vulnerable children around the world and 100% of the revenue goes to Världens Barn. Over five years, we have been a proud partner of the event through transport and logistics and we fully support the initiative.

Through our non-profit sports association Ryska Posten SK, we are wholeheartedly committed to letting everyone at Ryska Posten have the chance to compete at the highest level in various sports. We have participated in races such as Ö to Ö, Ironman, Stockholm Marathon, Stockholm Velothon and have an elite team in cycling.

Hand in Hand fights poverty through education and entrepreneurship. The vision is to create 10 million jobs, thus helping to eradicate world poverty. The business model is efficient and successful and is based on helping people to help themselves. Hand in Hands work has so far resulted in nearly 1.4 million businesses being started and 2 million jobs were created or further developed in India, Afghanistan and East Africa. This means that 10 million people have better living conditions!